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The Big Bug

Tuesday 15th January 2013


Big Bug

We've been thinking about what the big monster is at the end of episode one and after years of vaguely thinking it'll be a scorpion we have decided to try out a hybrid praying mantis. Naturally as it (they) will be eight feet tall they are difficult to advertise for suitable candidates so the monsters will be CGI. Quelle surprise. We've been resisting that for some time - Ashley has even part built a physcal monster with large claws which he'll just keep now to scare away the mice instead. As we get further on with this we'll let you know. Just thought you'd like to know we are not idling our time away having normal lives!


Really excited as this weekend three of us - Stephen Ashley and David from the team are attending a Dr Who convention (as guests of course*) in Maidenhead (or somewhere) where we are hoping to meet Doctors 5,6,7,8 and 10. Should be fun. Good to go to a convention again.  (*- as if anyone would have us). That's on the 19th of January.

the big 50

This year being anniversary year we are RESOLVED to get at least one episode ready for people to see - in the same manner as the Power of the Daleks youtube-y thing we imagine. To get episode one complete we at least need the big bug finished, the asteroid being attacked. May indeed be possible. We are meeting more frequently and actually seem to get things done. David has been amazing with the edits and in pushing us along.

Brighton ModelWorld 2013

Also Ashley is hoping to make his Devious-based exhibit at this year's Brighton Centre ModelWorld 2013 (22nd-24th February) bigger and better than ever. Last year we had the Emperor Dalek and daleks and some model sets - this year we believe the Emperor may be back but with some changes. More on this he won't say...!