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Sunday 19th June 2005

Congratulations on an excellent end episode of thenew series of Dr Who and a fine example of the actors' skill in all the cast not just Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper! Fine modelwork too from Mike Tucker and a great new realisation of the Emperor Dalek. The Bad Wolf element was also well done. We're also so glad that the resemblance between Devious and series one of the Doctor Who revival was in the end superficial and satisfyingly coincidental.

Yes we too have flying daleks, a series of events befalling the Interim Doctor before his meeting with the Emperor and regeneration but the detail behind those facts is different. A different agenda for the daleks and our characters leads to the final confrontation, proving once again that the magic of the world of Dr Who allows such a wide range of stories to be told.

The same characters and adversaries may pop up now and again but each time the motivations and resolutions are different! What a format! Surely this is the best tv programme ever.