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the Emperor's new clothes

Monday 9th September 2013

Well, as you may know, we've used the Emperor Dalek a number of times, notably for the stage play by "Our Friends in the West".

Now we also have a model version - to one-fifth scale which was built by Ashley from this parish back in 1989. It may well have been part of the trigger as to why we started filming Devious in the first place. We wanted to make some model daleks to go around it, and then we thought we could make a film too, and the rest just happened.

However, the Emperor Dalek has never had its proper background created - at least not in model form. At the Brighton Modelworld show for the past couple of years we have displayed our full sized Emperor with a backdrop in homage to the original set from 1967.

Now for the past month or so some of our modelwork and a full-sized dalek have been on display at a gallery down in Portsmouth (see previous news items). The curator of this gallery is a keen modelmaker and couldn't resist recreating the backdrop for Ashley's Emperor model and today he has sent us through a couple of pics of the model. We think you'll agree it does look rather good. Very spooky too with the lighting effect.


Anyway, there you are - full circle at last. After all these years the Emperor has some new clothes....!


well done Jay - a masterpiece!