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Pottering along

Thursday 13th December 2018

We've all been beavering away on the next episode. Not much to show you but just reassurance we haven't all disappeared or fainted with shock at people actually wanting to watch us on youtube. We've had some great feedback which has been really encouraging and we thank you immensely.

We've been thinking before Episode Two comes out we may do a few mini-videos to tempt you all. Not so much trailers but maybe a behind-the-scenes of some of the aspects of Episode One and Two. Not sure yet but we'll only get those done when we're ready to go.

Those of you who have seen the unfinished version of Two will know the bits we are working on and what needs doing of course.

If you've not seen Devious Episode One ("Observers") then stop reading now!!!! (... and go and watch it and then return!!)





We'll have to talk about what happened in episode one at some point, and it might as well be now, although we will have a main article soon which will touch on the main events in more detail. Maybe as a run up to Two???

The monster you may have seen at the end of Episode One is known as the Spika. Because it has big spikes? Yep - it has spikes everywhere - even in the feet - like stilettos. This is so it can punch through walls, floors and the like and can grip on and defy gravity. And there's more than one... One of them made short work of the floor in the dome and we hope you enjoyed that scene - great in slo-mo too! What we do hope is that you hopefully enjoyed the fact that we kept the spika secret until you saw the episode. 

Until we can show you more from Two (and give you the Episode Title too) here's some photos from our personal facebook and twitter feeds we thought a wider audience than our friends may like. Generally they show David at our meetings generally getting on with something whilst Ashley Mark and Stephen play up to the camera. Says a lot that.