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Thursday 30th October 2014

A little reassurance for you...

Just wondered if a lot of you are thinking The Never Was will be Never - or whether Devious itself is a Never Will Be. Just to let you know that we are working hard on it as much as we can. We are awaiting the sound levels being sorted out now on The Never Was - it has been passed to our expert! Meanwhile we have gone back to working on Devious again after the diversion of The Never Was and we are looking at the effects that need to be completed for Episode One. We'd love Episode Two not to be too far behind it.

And naturally you'd want a new photo so here's one from a couple of months ago proving that the Devious daleks are very much still intact!

And back on The Never Was - we'll have a series of tongue-in-cheek aticles as a countdown to the launch - they'll be on the Never Was and Devious websites - we've already prepared half a dozen of them...


dalek in the back garden