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From Theory to Practice...

Wednesday 18th August 2004

We've been working on a few test renders recently; putting a few test effects on to some of the footage from May, and thought you'd like to see how things are coming along. Firstly here's an image of a rough Lightwave model of the Control Room created before the sets were built. And secondly there's an image of the room with a test version of the ceiling and central column effect.



You can see how the design of the control room evolved - the panels round the side now sloped outwards and the central console has lost the red "paddle-steamer" look. Also the long table in the foreground was thankfully lost as the room we filmed in was able to have it's long table demolished in time.

The expectation for the final shots are that the large ring of flashing lights (Gary Numan fans may recognise it from wembley 1981 !!!) will rise and fall during the storyline. This ring of lights is in fact part of the extensive modelwork that is being combined with the live footage; and the shot above shows part of it just to give an impression of how it may look. The lights vary in brightness and colour and can cycle through various sequences.

Anyway, this is just to keep us busy until we start work on the sets for the next scene - i.e. the third Tardis interior. that is now unlikely to be a church crypt, since Ashley moved house before the half-finished crypt set could be used and it was sadly dismantled and chucked - his intent is now to create a set more impressive than that would have been; so we await the designs with some interest...