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Graham Strong

A great friend of ours Graham Strong has sadly died a day or so ago. 

Stephen and Mark from the team have known him since the nineties and we are hoping that they can write a few words for the website in due course. Regulars to the site may recall how we documented a trip we did with him up to a convention in Rickmansworth last year in which he was an honoured guest. A softly spoken man he was widely respected and much loved. We will miss him.



Observing Episode One

Great fun last Friday - we had a showing of the finished* Episode One to a select few. Our friends Julian and Anthony popped over to the Cranford Estate in deepest Sussex to see where we've got to. Anthony had not seen any Devious since he was in it, well maybe not since The War Games clips went live on the BBC DVD. 

Now what was that asterisk all about? You were expecting some sort of qualification weren't you? Well we have a final list of fourteen points to go through in the next fortnight and then we'll see where we are.  


Four Candles

Two Ronnies - Four Candles. Famous sketch where the poor shopkeeper is given the runaround by an innocent shopper. So we as innocents are giving you this picture and hoping you'll know what it is for...

Yep - no connection whatsoever between that sketch and this article except that the picture is surely worth discussion! Well, there is a connection with the picture below (of Mark) of Mark....


More filming ! - filling a hole

We jest not ! Today (Friday 9th March 2018) we actually did some actual filming! Just a few seconds was shot and is a key part of the end of episode one that we realised we needed. Just filling a hole really !

Unfortunately all we can show you is this image - which, combined with this meagre bit of text must surely qualify as one of the dullest updates we've ever attempted on the site! Still, shows we working on it...

It was shot on high resolution and in slow motion - if that helps with the excitement factor...


Doctor Who News features Graham Strong

Great to read about Graham Strong donating his famous audio collection to Mark Ayres so it can be archived. This was featured in the Doctor Who News website as we're sure you are all aware! Friend of Devious Graham is local to us and has known Stephen Cranford from the Team a very long time. Last May a group of us went with Graham to his first ever convention appearance, and hopefully he can be persuaded to do some more!

Anyway - for more images head over to the Doctor Who News site - link displayed below the image! More soon.



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