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more changes

Wednesday 27th July 2005

David creeps up behind an unsuspecting dalek, armed only with his trusty Sony cameraHi there - just a quick note to say we're working to add more content to the site - you'll find new sections opening (and closing!) as the content is rationalised. Eventually once all is set we may well put some video clips although we're wary of bandwidth issues. Until then the new stuff includes new images from our archive, as well as improved cast listings and a new section on behind-the-scenes (currently entitled 'crew', although this will change).

The intention is also to add an 'appearances' section, or 'events' which hopefully we can use to document past and upcoming things we have been involved in outside the normal Devious filming. Feel free to use the only part of the old site still working - the 'email us' but to give some ideas for the site!!! Of course that email section will be changed. We may also run a fun caption competition as long as it is good humoured! The sets and props area will be extended, and we were originally thinking of grouping the photos and screen captures in episode order, although it's perhaps better to keep everything mixed - we're not ready for John Cura's telesnaps just yet...

Of course, like the rest of Devious, the purpose is to entertain, and to celebrate the phenomenon that is Doctor Who