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Guest Stars

Tuesday 20th May 2003

Devious is a story concerning the Interim Doctor. Plucked out of his timestream midway through his regeneration into what would have been his third persona he finds himself on a planet with strange memories - strange flashbacks. the Doctor and PollyHe remembers past companions and past adventures - like the time he met up with Polly. Anneke Wills was happy to record a short scene with us a few years ago for one of these flashbacks. An enjoyable experience it nevertheless fitted seamlessly into the thread of Devious.

Devious is one of those stories that can always take a level of adjustment - like adding unexpected guest stars for example. As filmmakers we learn from the experience of working with professionals on these occasions - however brief!

the Third DoctorA case in point is the time we spent on our final scene where we had to morph our Interim Doctor into his originally intended form. Who better to play the future projection of the Third Doctor than Jon Pertwee! Looking back it all seems quite unreal to us - until we see the footage. Interim Doctor Tony Garner acquitted himself well on the day, and all in all the scene worked well. Newly-built walls and consoles looked the part and helped make the scene believeable. Filming a Doctor Who regeneration scene�with actor, personality, one-man-experience Jon Pertwee was something we hadn't dreamt of when we conceived Devious a decade ago.

Hugh Lloyd and Peter TuddenhamSimilarly we have just recorded a short scene with Hugh Lloyd and Peter Tuddenham. Again this was a one-day shoot, with full rehearsal and preparations the day before.

Devious has evolved through the years and has led us to these opportunities to work with these excellent people. We have sought to make these occasions as fun, and yet as professional as we could. These people have added a great deal to the production, but chiefly they have added to a great set of memories for us, and to the great experience this film has been in its making.

It makes up for the years and years and years and years and years in the making... !!!