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of horses and trailers...

Friday 18th November 2005

of horses and trailers...

Now before you watch these new exclusive clips you have three choices

  1. watch the clips and then pledge some money to CHILDREN IN NEED 2005 APPEAL
  2. pledge some money to CHILDREN IN NEED 2005 APPEAL and then watch the clips
  3. pledge some money to CHILDREN IN NEED 2005 APPEAL and ignore the clips and let's face it your life won't change

However if you make that donation someone else's life will change. A child or young person in the UK somewhere.

We have a lot of fun with this project (when we actually get round to it that is), and we have that luxury of doing so. Look at the "horses" clip and you'll see a smidgeonette of that fun.

Fun to us is not a luxury.

Substance abuse, child prostitution, bullying, sexual abuse, illness and HIV, homelessness, disability, self harm. That's not fun. But that's the everyday reality for so many young people in the United Kingdom - for them fun IS a luxury.

Children In Need is all about making people aware of this reality.

So please make that donation if you haven't already. There are three clips here..."horses", "if you go down in the woods today" and "trailer/montage". These are in .wmv format and you'll very likely have to SAVE TARGET AS to download and view them (or something or other, just fiddle about until something happens!). Unfortunately we're not sure they'll be a great deal of use if you have a MAC. We couldn't get b***er all when we tried...

Whilst filming out in deepest rural Sussex (ok, so it was a friend's land not a stone's throw from Ashley's favourite place name * ) we neglected to tell Tony about the slight problem we had with lining up the shot. The footage is not very sharp as it's a copy of a copy...

* that favourite place name�= Fulking Hill (yes it's real)

Here we see a shot showing how the dalek was able to travel on unprepared ground. Presumably it did stop after "cut" was called...Mind you you'll be able to hear it if it creeps up behind you - that squeak is a real hindrance to world domination.

This montage was put together for a convention appearance many years ago, and does show quite a variety of shot. The sound effects are interim and a bit patchy, as are many things, whilst the music background is some of the custom music written especially for us by Julian. Dalek voices are also not the final ones as we are working on those...Still, we hope it will be of interest. NOW MAKE THAT DONATION !!!