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Monday 19th June 2006

We've decided to take down some of the edited clips from the site (leaving perhaps the trailer-of-sorts) to keep David happy*. As the chief person behind the editing and visual effects so far he felt that it wasn't right to show off clips of clearly unfinished work as it doesn't give a good idea of how good the final stuff will be. So in the next week or so some will be removed (this has been done). However as these have proved popular we�may upload some behind-the-scenes and filming clips instead. That way you can see some footage of how we have shot some of the scenes - and can imagine what effects we'll be adding afterwards! Occasionally we may put some finished clips up but only when we think they're at a quality level we're proud of. As always we will credit the BBC and Terry Nation and denote that what we do is just for fun and in no way for any financial gain - just a respectful homage.

*-actually it's not just about keeping David happy - it's about trying to do our best and we'd like you to appreciate that and not half-finished material on often low resolution. We know you'll understand and of course we always always value to support and frequent encouragement we get (including the cracking email from Paul we got in today!).