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the music

Wednesday 28th March 2007

Martin Johnson is writing the score for Devious. We are attempting to get the edits ready with temporary tracks in place so he will have something to work from. As you may know, Martin wrote the score for the very successful Evil of the Daleks stageplay and is currently writing the score for the follow up play The Dalek Masterplan (tickets now available!).

Julian Armstrong

Over the years we have had quite a large volume of music prepared and written for us. Julian Armstrong wrote for us the Devious Theme which is brilliant, and as a two-and-a-half minute piece of music is simply perfect - we'll have to leave an mp3 of it somewhere! He also wrote an hour or so of incidental music for us. The fact that Martin has come along means we have another interpretation of the score - we will find a way to use some of Julian's music if we can perhaps in an alternate soundtrack. If we can use the Devious Theme itself in the final edit we will if it fits the footage, and if Martin doesn't have a problem with this!

Play Like God

Jason Smith of Deviant UK and a longtime Gary Numan fan also wrote some tracks for us to use. Again it would be a shame of this were to be forgotten and so the prospect of alternative soundtracks does seem to arise for Devious. Ashley would dearly love to have a soundtrack based on Gary Numan Instrumental tracks (it's a little known fact that Mr Numan has written a film soundtrack already and has a large number of instrumental tracks) although this is purely a personal desire by Ashley and will not occur except as a fun exercise!

Martin Johnson

We are delighted that Martin has agreed to do the soundtrack for us. This has spurred us on to get some edits ready of the 6 episodes. We have made it abundantly clear though that we don't want to get in the way of his "Masterplan" work! That comes first, although we're sure Martin will pop down and socialise and see Devious before long!

A dedicated score

Martin will be writing a dedicated soundtrack; this is what Devious needs rather than trying to adapt tracks to fit the scenes as we would have had to have done with Julian and Jason's music. We have the highest regard for their music and as we've said, would like to see this music used in some way to reflect the great time and effort put into it.

We are now looking forward to meeting up with Martin and seeing how things develop - chances are he'll run a mile when he sees the footage....?!?!?!