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DalekWorld and Strange New Worlds

Wednesday 16th February 2011

DalekWorld were delighted to be involved with the very successful one day event held in Worthing in July 2010 which featured props and sets from a wide range of science fiction. Arranged as a free-entry community event it is hoped to be repeated and expanded for years to come. Five of the Devious daleks were in attendance along with the TARDIS interior console. The event was expanded to a weekend in July 2011.

DalekWorld have also had a large stand at Brighton Modelworld in 2010 & 2011. Those were similar to that mounted this year although with a different focus. Ashley and Jane ran the Dalek display at the Brighton ModelWorld 2009 successfully leading to their return visits as "DalekWorld". It is hoped to continue for the forseeable future providing that the displays are different each year, or at least have a different focus and feel, and so long as people find the display enjoyable! Other daleks from our friends and colleagues often guest at the stand as we think it is important to offer a variety. Plans are already afoot for 2012 !

DalekWorld 2011 showed off (a) the schools project and educational aspect of the props activities and (b) the fifth-scale model-making behind some of the scenes in the fan-film Devious. It was felt that showing off the modelwork would be more appropriate to what is after all a model show!

DalekWorld 2012 has focussed more on the modelmaking side of things with a huge model set and 2 other models, along with the full-sized Emperor again and half-a-dozen daleks...

However we would point out that we view the educational work that the dalek props perform to be of more value than just being exhibits! When the daleks are on display it's just for fun! In that respect they are no different than the hundreds of fan-built daleks often on show throughout the country at charity events or shows. If you want the full BBC Doctor Who experience you should book for the Doctor Who Experience this year at Olympia London !