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no more trailers please

Thursday 13th April 2006

We can't even watch tv now here at Devious Towers without catching yet another trailer for Dr Who. Don't spoil it BBC! Unfortunately it's a sign of the times now that tv stations have to do this - like they always say 'coming up next' halfway through a program in case sin of sins you are thinking of tuning away from the programme. All this desperation makes for frantic viewing.

A few teasers were ok but some of these extended ones - like the stuff seen when pressing the red button show so much material you start to guess the various plots.

Now with luck the new series will be as good as the last or better we suspect, and all this worrying about seeing too much is all so much nonsense. We must realise that a mainstream programme such as this (in the UK - in the USA it has yet to break through across the full demographic target*) needs this sort of promotion to win over new viewers - non-fans. Real people. Non-obsessives. Blimey - is that us?

Maybe - just look round this site.

So let's just get on and enjoy series two (or 28?) with a great new Doctor and the promise of some great adventures ahead.

That was a party political broadcast on behalf of the Monster Raving Whovian Party...

* and what's all that 'full demographic target' pretentious rubbish all about then? - you have to realise that we have absolutely no idea what we're talking about a great deal of the time...