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the Next Doctor game (UPDATED)

Thursday 20th November 2008

the article below was written back in March 2006, and even we were guilty then of appearing�not being satisfied with knowing we had an excellent Doctor for the forseable future, rather we were guessing who'd be next. Now we know that in 2010 we will get a new Doctor and the speculation has started. Interesting to note that back in 2006 Ashley tipped Dexter Fletcher for the part. And who does he tip now...?

"Well, for my money I'd have tipped David Morrisey even before I knew he was in "The One Next Doctor". Otherwise I would hope that Samuel West could get the part. I saw him in a fine measured performance recently on a sci-fi drama made in 2006 on BBC Four. He is an excellent actor and director with a similar theatrical background to David Tennant, and despite his many many roles (including Hamlet) he has stated that his proudest moment was in Doctor Who (albeit in the Dimensions in Time Children In Need 3D special). He's also been in the excellent Big Finish Eighth Doctor audio series as a famous returning character. Who knows whether he'd be interested if offered the part, whether he'd fear typecasting or would consider it a risk as he has directorial ambitions too. Who knows? That's the fun of this "game" - it's for us as fans to try to guess the identity of the actor who will inherit the best job in TV - and for Stephen Moffat to make his own mind up without polling the internet or fandom - which indeed he will.


and now the original article...



Now we're all looking forward to the 2nd series of the new Doctor Who with the excellent David Tennant newly installed in the role after the first year by Christopher Eccleston.

Now have you ever played that game back in the old days of the classic serial in trying to spot who could be the next Doctor. Did anyone tip Peter Davison for the role after Tom Baker - or weren't you playing then? Or did you think Colin Baker would be just the right actor having seen him in something (Arc of Infinity perhaps?).

Well this time round I think a lot of us thought David Tennant would get the part. His star seemed to be rising at just the right time. I thought Blackpool was excellent and thought he'd be good as the Doctor without thinking any more of it. And then I saw Casanove, but by then it had been announced anyway.

I remember the Second Coming with Christopher Eccleston in and thought then how good he was but didn't think about the Next Doctor game then. But realising Russell T Davies was doing the series it seemed an obvious choice.

So who do we look for now for the time in 3 years or so (I tip two) when David Tennant moves aside. Andrew Lincoln perhaps (I thought he'd be the one for the 9th Doctor actually). John Simm perhaps if he's come back from "Mars"...�Or should we look out for actors in Russell T Davies productions???

Well, my money is currently on Dexter Fletcher. He's currently in the lightweight Hotel Babylon on BBC1, and has had a part in the excellent Elizabeth the Virgin Queen a month or two back as the Duke of Somewhere-or-Other.

Now don't get me wrong - I think David Tennant will be excellent in the role and is made for the part and should play the part for five years, so this is just a game and a bit of fun - it's not about wishing on the next incarnation rather it is identifying which actor out there has a sort of "doctor-ish" quality about him - having seen all the 10 actors so far they've all had that quality but in differing flavours... (and in the "vote for your favourite it's currently a tie between Jon and Tom with 20% each !!!)