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Behind the scenes and progress

Well a lot has happened behind the scenes this past few months in the circumstances of the team. Suffice to say we're back on course again and there's a few images from the first episode to keep you in the loop. We have given ourselves a deadline for episode one which is a VERY positive step for us. We all know what we have to do to ensure it is met.


a few more from DalekWorld

Just found a few more shots from DalekWorld (i.e. our exhibit at Brighton ModelWorld 2016) that may interest. A couple showing the daleks when they popped over to see the excellent Lego display. The guys there have been featured on Channel 4 a couple of times, and their work is stunning. Here we can see Jane chatting to them, whiulst there's another posed shot of the daleks around the sabre-toothed beast! And of course some more of the fabulous Doctors around the set and daleks...


Bookface daftness

Just a bit of fun. Whilst we met last week (three of the trio of four that is Devious) (? yes we know) - Mark decided to pass round his mobile (cellphone to you guys in the US of A) and take some daft images of us at work play. So we thought we should share them with t'internet as not all of you are unfortunate enough to know us on the bookface. Ashley assures us he wasn't picking his nose...

More soon - honest


What planet are we on?

That's a question we often get asked. Planet Devious? Well, mentally we may be. It just occurred that the planet where the main action occurs in Devious has no name. Anyone got any ideas?

We have various methods for naming characters in the story, with most names having a hidden meaning or derivation. At some point we will explain a lot of them, but until you get to know them on screen they are just names. 


Endless Corridors

One thing you can be sure about with Devious. There's corridors, loads of them. And other cliches, sci-fi touchstones if you like. When you see something that looks like something else the chances are we know, and its our way of making a homage (or an homage). For instance, in the spin-off "The Never Was" you may recognise some of the movements in the space scenes where the Tardis suddenly ducks out of the way and the dalek ships collide. Star Wars aficionados David and Mark were well aware, and added that movement just to see who'd spot it.


We've got the power

of movement. Yes, we finally have the power of movement. Not "Power of ..." sorry not that.

We've been playing around with motion capture last week. Mark had an old Xbox Kinect thingy which is able to sense movement in a room (as it does normally for games of course) and by the use of some dinky software we've been able to capture Ashley's (quite bizarre) movements around a part of David's DVC office without the need for Ashley to wear anything strange or have ping pong balls strapped around his frame.


more flower power

We think it better we put little news items up now and again showing we are working on the project, rather than nothing until we are ready to show more, as it at least gives us all a sense that Devious is moving on. It has grown like Topsy (did anyone ever meet her) of course, and we think that we need to do the footage some justice in making it work as we had intended it. Below is a shot of us working last night, after Mark and Ashley met at David's to see how his effects had been coming along.


Flower Power

During our meeting tonight one image really caught our imaginations. David has been working heavily on the visuals for episode one, and whilst showing us the fruits of his labour a shout went up (from the usual quarter) of "export to jpg and put on the website". Well it might have been just "quick - shove it on the website to show we haven't died". 

So there you are. Is it a flower? That's certainly a planet below. But is it earth?



Spotted this !

Spotted this earlier whilst looking for a Jon Pertwee picture...

(see link to Warped Factor website after text, below) A great blog article about Jon Pertwee's last appearance in Devious which caught the eye. Nice to know the world of geek is aware of us! This article was a year ago, but like a sleepy tortoise we're often slow in spotting things!


The Pool is live

Just to let you know the video of The Pool by the David Cross Band that Mark directed (effects by David, additional camerawork Ashley) is now up on youtube... The Devious webmaster thinks this is the right one to link to !

And in other news we're meeting on Devious again this week... Hopefully some photos from the meetup...?



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