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Pooling our resources

Occasionally to keep us on our toes as part of the Devious Project - Mark springs a new task. Nothing to do with Devious but he gets these calls you see. This time instead of The Never Was it was to produce a music video. It was to be filmed and produced all within a couple of weeks. And of course the challenge was accepted, with David knowing that the effects needed for some of the shots would assist in the completion of Devious as it meant he had to make decisions re which software (Blender, Cinema 4D, Lightwave etc) and how to attempt the various shots. 


Stage and Screen

On Screen

Devious were honoured to have supplied props and sets and attended the 1999 Comic Relief "Curse of Fatal Death" filming at Pinewood Studios. We also have the honour of having a version of our final scenes appear on an official BBC Dr Who DVD - The War Games...



Besides the stage plays and the filming of course, the Devious props and sets have made many appearances over the years. Of course we have been exhibiting at the Brighton Modelworld for the past years, and hope to contnue as long as we can change the display and make it interesting enough. The Brighton shows we have categorised in this website as "DalekWorld".

As is mentioned elsewhere of course we have also appeared in Comic Relief at Pinewood and in two stage plays which are documented elsewhere in their own sections.


teaser image

Just a sneak image from our current work in trying to get this beast of a fan project under control. Thought you may like to be given some mystery to think over. We will doubtless add more as we get nearer. It was just one of those evenings when we three (MAD) met up and we were feeling jolly pleased with the results and so we thought ( a couple of weeks ago actually) that the website should at least see some of the fruits of our labour.

Anyway, there you go - more soon!

(and we've said that before!)


Brighton ModelWorld 2017 postponement

Last month we got an email telling us that the Brighton ModelWorld show wouldn't be taking place next February as planned. The show has been running for 38 years and has had to take a break for many reasons.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers over the years for a very professional show, and to hope that the show will return in the near future. Maybe in the Autumn at a new venue? We at Devious hope that it will return with a vengeance, and we would hope to be a very small part of it once again!



We've been working on episode one again. A new cleaned up soundtrack is nearing completion, whilst we are working on the "Tardis Attack" scene. Not that you will recognise what that is when you finally see it of course. Also our main threat at the end of the first episode is really taking shape now - we can't say any more than that as we want it to have an impact.


Gary Merchant DVD cover

Just scanning the cover of my new copy of BBC Series 9 Blu-ray Steel Box set - so that I can put the discs in a multi-disc DVD case so that the kids (and me) can watch the latest series without damaging the lovely new limited-edition cover, and rummaging through my DVD boxes I find that great cover Gary Merchant sent us years and years ago.

The next sentence is shorter thankfully. Well, it would be daft not to upload it for the website so we have a proper record, and accolation (is that a word?) for Gary's work. 



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