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We've been working on episode one again. A new cleaned up soundtrack is nearing completion, whilst we are working on the "Tardis Attack" scene. Not that you will recognise what that is when you finally see it of course. Also our main threat at the end of the first episode is really taking shape now - we can't say any more than that as we want it to have an impact.


Gary Merchant DVD cover

Just scanning the cover of my new copy of BBC Series 9 Blu-ray Steel Box set - so that I can put the discs in a multi-disc DVD case so that the kids (and me) can watch the latest series without damaging the lovely new limited-edition cover, and rummaging through my DVD boxes I find that great cover Gary Merchant sent us years and years ago.

The next sentence is shorter thankfully. Well, it would be daft not to upload it for the website so we have a proper record, and accolation (is that a word?) for Gary's work. 


a slight change

Well, if we waited until all the kinks have been ironed out of the new version of the website it would never see the light of day - so with some trepidation we launch the new version here today. Please bear with us as it goes bang and disappears and all the usual sort of stuff. It should work better on your mobile and hopefully includes more imagery than before.


Dalekworld at Modelworld 2016

Sorry for the lack of content recently. We've been working on the edit for part one and are getting on well.

Also Ashley has been busy working on some new stuff for the exhibition stand at Modelworld in Brighton 2016. This year he wanted to ring the changes a bit and bring the daleks more up to date. In the next few days we'll be putting up some pics from this year's show and you'll be able to see his handiwork.

See you very soon then!


slight reorg

Please bear with us as we try out a new version of the website - this one should be more phone friendly... and we have the slideshow back. There are some new categories in the main menu - appearances and artwork which we will expand further with luck. Just wanted to neaten the content up a bit. We thought you may like the new main page top banner - a still from The Never Was in fact - if you have a phone screen you will see Tony as the Doctor, whilst on a PC or wide screen you should hopefully also see Bex as Casey. Just a bit of fun !



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