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the embryo room

This is a room cnstructed in a bit of a hurry when we filmed the corridors. However with the right lighting we're confident the effect we intend will come through. It's amazing what a few coloured lights, bubble wrap and some mood music will do. After all, the original series managed quite well with that formula on occasions! (Don't worry we're not knocking it but we do have experience of trying to get something out of nothing!)



tardis walls

We started with photocopied roundels on cardboard walls - and some scenes still show those (!). It was a good cheap way of constructing a set and did the job for the time. The image above shows the "wardrobe room scene" later dropped from the edit.



the three emperors

The dalek Emperor used in Devious is in three parts! One is the model - 5th scale - and was built by Ashley in 1989-1990 and has been recently repaired. This has a housing which is being refurbished and extended for the forthcoming modelwork.

The second emperor was the 3/4 height version built full-sized for the main control room filming. This was accurate except for the missing head which would not fit into the room we used.


the dalek emperor

Well it's no secret now that we have the dalek emperor in the story - but what does it look like?

Well when we filmed the main dalek control room a year or so back half the time was spent with the central control area with two dalek brain units hovered over it, and the last session was spent with the Emperor prop in place.


Due to restricted ceiling height and the fact that loads of special effects were to be added we only needed to use the lowest 7 feet height of the emperor.


Elizabethan costume

This was designed and made by an Oscar-Winning Costume Maker !!!

Yes, Ashley's sister Rachel is part of a team of costume makers who work on many of the latest films. The Oscar was won by the team for "Restoration" a few years back, although Rachel is working on items for films yet to come out. A list of her credits will follow!!



tardis console

Our full-sized TARDIS console was built in 1995 to replace our original which had fallen apart and perished - but then it was only small - a foot or so across in size in fact.


This model, along with our cardboard walls (with photocopied roundels) was how we were going to realise the TARDIS scenes. The shot below is not focussed right but gives the idea. The plan involved filming with enough light to ensure the right depth of field as the model console was kept near the camera.



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