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Tony and Jon

Years ago a friend of Tony painted the above. We only managed a quick snap before Tony's security systems kicked in and we were forced to run from the hounds across miles of open fields dodging the snipers from the helicopter...

We also had some hand painted Tshirts at some point although we have all outgrown them. However they are still in storage...


Rich Morris's The Ten Doctors

Tony Garner's incarnation of The Doctor appears during the comic story The Ten Doctors. He appears in many pages and fits in superbly with the action. You need to go to the start to appreciate this masterpiece so we will not give you the page number Tony's incarnation first appears on - let it be a surprise!



Marcia's Art

Very prolific Marcia Wilson from the USA has sent us a number of cartoon drawings based on the characters of Devious and it's prequel-sequel-spinoff The Never Was. We present some of her excellent work here...


Strange New Worlds 1

We were honoured to be part of the organising committee for Strange New Worlds 1 - a one-day convention in Worthing in 2010. I went very well with nearly two thousand people through the doors of St Pauls in Worthing. On this page we will try to give a flavour of the event.


Schools visits

We are proud to continue our association wih local Sussex schools. We have to credit Rowlie Darby of Patcham High with starting all this off we think. We knew him around the time we filmed the big dalek scenes in Hove for our later episodes. He appeared as one of the daleks in 2004 and in fact later went with a troup of youngsters - and James Precious - to see the first Portsmouth play "The Evil of the Daleks" in 2006.



We were asked to supply the TARDIS for a BBC show featuring Alan Titchmarsh. Great we thought, we'll pop it round. Actually it was at Goonhilly Radio Telescope installation in deepest south Cornwall - and so the Beeb collected it themselves!

It's all a bit distant now time-wise - however we think it was for a collectopr's show covering antiques and collectibles. We didn't go down ourselves but we asked for someone to take a few pics, and we include a few here. One day we'll trawl youtube and see if there is any trace of the programme!



Dome Theatre March 2009

And in one of our strangest enquiries, we were contacted with a request for a dalek to appear on stage in Brighton for a schools event. Actually one of our daleks later appeared on a Brighton stage at another event around this time, but we have no images from the event. It was a play and the dalek appeared in one scene. Like all our appearances the dalek was lent out for free - with one of our team in attendance. 


Newly discovered archive photos from Newcastle 2001

Just been reoganising the website ready for the 'phone friendly version and have been looking arounf the Devious photo archive and have found some photos from our convention appearance in Newcastle in 2001. This was for the Dimensions In Tyne inaugural event. A great event. One where we took the remote control dalek and the TARDIS. Also where we were sounded out re using the Pertwee audio footage for Big Finish. One where we filmed a cemeo scene!



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