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2014 Brighton

2014 saw two major changes from the previous exhibit. We were now positioned back near the main windows of the Brighton Centre, so that the sun (such that it was) could stream in through the TARDIS walls and create a brilliant effect. Actually, as planned, the walls looked great just with the normal light coming in through the windows - overcast weather seemed to do the trick.


Dalekworld at Brighton Modelworld 2015

What's in store this year you ask? Or maybe you didn't. The intention this year is to try to capture the magic and success of lkast year's exhibit, but with a subtle addition. Ashley has been working on this over the past few weeks, hence the lack of updates to the website - any excuse! Actually he has been meeting with fellow Devious-ians and TheNeverWas-ians David and Mark to see the completion of the latter and the resurrection of the former.


time flies like an arrow ...

... and fruit flies like a banana - yep, heard that one.

We appreciate you haven't seen much of Devious yet (and truly you will soon - The Never Was will whet your appetite as well (just seeing the sets in use again gets us all misty eyed for those days back with our Doctor...)). That's a double ")" - what kind of english is this?

What do we all think of the new series on the telly by the way? Really looking forward to seeing Robot of Sherwood - we thought you'd forgive us this doctored image...


The Never Was is LIVE !

Yes, you read that correctly. We've finally released something! Well, strictly its the slightly different team at The Never Was rather than Devious per se. Not that there's a lot of difference in the teams!!! Anyway, get yourselves over to to catch the new video, and maybe you'll spot some Devious connections...

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