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We are Devious People!

We've always said Devious is a big family. Have we? Oh well, we've certainly had members of our families 'co-operated' into helping out now and again. We've even bred new dalek operators! Since we started the trio of Stephen Ashley and David (SAD!) have had partners and children. This new 'people' section of the site will attempt to put the human side to this Devious group and attempt to show ou we are all normal - really! Without going into our personal lives of course, but we will try to add the 'human factor' to this site. In the meantime this section is populated from the old "cast and crew" section from the old site.

You'll notice that some of the cast have their own dedicated banner design at the top of the page and others haven't! - Rest assured our webmaster is on the case and will be creating a design for each of the cast that have their own page. We're also hoping to seek out a few of the cast and interview them for the site so hopefully you'll be able to read something new soon here.

the cast

...has grown over the years and now includes several cameos!

Heather Cohen as AquiliaTony Garner - The Doctor
David V Clarke - Bradley/Auriga
Anthony Townsend - Phillip/Callisto
Lynette East - Amber/Adreinna

Heather Cohen - Aquilia
Karl Mayne - Luxulyan
Ian Edmond - Ralib
Arthur Harrod - Aturo/Villager
Richard Kingshott - Nilan/Uist
Stephen Cranford - The Covellitor/Villager
Ashley Nealfuller - Chaldar/Imberhorne


special guests

Jon Pertwee - Future: The Doctor
Anneke Wills - Past: Polly
Hugh Lloyd - Present: Scribe
Peter Tuddenham - Present: Voix


The (untreated and badly resized from a video grab) image below shows a TARDIS scene featuring Amber Lyn being played by Amber being played by Adreinna who is an Observer who is a TimeLord who is played by Lynette East and that's her stage name! Who said Devious isn't complicated enough?

Lynette and David discuss a scene in the Tardis wardrobe room

The Doctor travels in his trusty Tardis with three companions in this tale; Bradley, Phillip and Amber. Bradley takes the lead in the early part of the story as we see the Doctor struggling with his confused memories. Phillip seems more understanding, and gradually we see why the third companion Amber is no longer travelling with them.

Bradley, Amber Lyn, The Doctor and Phillip

The Tardis crew react to the events around them - or do they?

There are others in the tale who both shape events and are affected by them. A pivotal role is played by The Covellitor - a Time Lord adjudicator. Along with Chaldar, a fellow Time Lord official they have a role in seeing that the test conditions are observed properly. In order to do that they also have to take part in the test, and so they respectively play a Village Leader and Imberhorne in one of the Doctor's memories.

They are just two of the extended crew of the second Tardis craft - and events ensure they all become involved in a fight for survival...