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the devious project

"The Devious Project" is the general name we give to the whole experiences we've had making the film. It's more than the film itself - it has to be since we've been making the ***** thing over a decade and a half (or however long it is..).



halfway finished

From May 2004 here's a screen-grab of a dalek being fried!!!! Are we Halfway Finished? Maybe we've always been halfway as the project has always seem to have grown. However as this is being written we have finished all live action filming and now we start on editing and effects. So maybe we're past halfway...


why halfway?

The Doctor is a Time Lord. Whereas most of us face death when our bodies wear out, a Time Lord is able to regenerate. The TV Series and TV Movie featured ten incarnations. The Doctor featured in "Devious - Halfway to Oblivion" has been extracted against his will from his time-stream midway though the regeneration between his second and third 'selves' - the Doctor IS the Halfway.


the writers

David Clarke and Ashley Nealfuller concocted this tale over many years. Like topsy the story grew and with final plot turns has had a necessary complexity (a bit like that sentence). The idea is that it can be enjoyed on several levels. Firstly it can be seen as a good old-fashioned romp - some switching through historical periods followed by a good ol' shoot 'em up with the daleks.

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