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Shawcraft Robotics

Shawcraft Robotics is the website of Andy Shaw from the Liverpool area - a well known builder of daleks, cybermen and the mysterious "Numan" robot - hmm. We met with him at 2001's Dimensions On Tyne convention and at the Liverpool Day of the Daleks convention the year before. As fellow prop builders we have swapped anecdotes but never tips (Ashley fiercely guards his strange methods) and have also worked with him on a hitherto-hidden cyber-flashback scene to be used in Devious (photos next year if you're good!!!)...


Gardner & Scardifield

A link here to the excellent Gardner & Scardifield all-purpose builders, ironmongers, garden centre, housewares etc etc where a good part of the sets and props materials for Devious have been sourced from... Going into the main shop it's almost (I say almost) like the Fork Handles sketch from the Two Ronnies... (only they do find what you want!)



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