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news and news archive from the production


Final prop builds

It's got to the scary stage now! Ashley is rushing round like a blue-*****-fly trying to get the last bits of prop completed for the play. With collection of more daleks and bits etc next weekend there's only one more weekend to go, so naturally he's hoping for good weather - he hates working indoors. OK so it's not a major news item in itself but as we said before there's not a lot we can show at this stage. After the play has started the final setbuild and rehearsal stage he'll see if he can sneak some photos out for the website.


December will be magic...

(isn't that a Kate Bush track?)

...well it will be magic if Ashley manages to get the new version of this website live at last! He's been promising it for weeks, and still has to put live the images from the recent Masterplan play. Well, he has a lot on - like we all do in Devious, which is why the news often takes a back seat! In fact the whole project is, as you know, a hobby project and necessarily sits behind our normal activities.

To atone for this delay here's a few new images(above)  to show we have been (slightly) active!



What does the future hold?

A good question indeed. Well obviously we'd like to finish Devious. Another year has started and it's not yet done. Doubtless there's a news item like this each year. Still, Ashley has started his next lot of modelwork now (ie he's worked out what he's doing and he's sized up the materials) and David is looking at the edits trying to look for the main effects areas and Stephen has the audio work in hand.


lighting tests

We've been having some fun with some of Ashley's sets. Here's a couple of images of the lighting rig which sits above the Main Control Room. It seems the lights can flash in sequence or randomly. An ability to dim is also predicted but Ashley forgot to wire that up before we took these shots. Combined with some smoke (stage smoke/dry-ice equivalent and not Chris puffing away down a tube) it doesn't look too bad and should be right for the short time it is seen. Ashley is still working on other bits and pieces but we thought you'd like these few images to prove we haven't all died (again).


Starburst OUT 15 AUGUST & Nilan info

Starburst Dr Who Special no 87 - UPDATED

... is now due out on July 23rd AUGUST 15th we are told. We were interviewed earlier in the year and didn't think anything would come of it so if there is something in the magazine then 'eek' and 'ohmigod' etc etc. There should be a photo or two although Ashley can't remember which ones were sent so we're all in the dark on this one. Still it will provide some interest and a few laughs we think (should be tongue in cheek) and it's all good publicity for Doctor Who in general! We'll let you know if we see it!


Hugh Lloyd

With sadness and affection we mourn the passing of our friend Hugh Lloyd, who died last week. He was of course well known for his trademark comedy characterisation which evolved from his association with Tony Hancock and then Terry Scott. His many television, stage and film roles made him a firm favourite of the nation. His most recent television appearance was in a repeat of ITV's Doc Martin only the day after he died. We are proud to have known him; Stephen will be adding a few words soon in tribute.

A great man.


Hugh Lloyd - a friend remembered

It was with sadness that the Devious team learnt about the death of legend and cameo cast member Hugh Lloyd, who died on the 14th July 2008.

Hugh and his wife Shan had been long term friends of (Devious team member) Stephen, having been introduced via JNT in the early 90's. As well as being regular attendees to social functions at Cranford Towers, we were delighted when Hugh agreed to appear alongside Peter Tuddenham to play one of the Timelords in the dramatic finale to Devious. Stephen recalls the filming of that sequence....


Starburst Special no 87 due 1 Sep + download now!

Apparently we're told it's out on 1st of September. If you go to you can order a download pdf of the magazine. Being a bunch of old has-beens we're opting for the print version. Apparently (and that's 2 'apparently's' now - damn that's 3 now) there's an article featuring the three of us in Devious. It also mentions our proud involvement in the 2 dalek-themed plays by Interalia at Portsmouth in 2006 and 2007. The BBC Pinewood Studios Comic Relief sketch and the Jon Pertwee scenes all get a mention we think!



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