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Yes we have a (Dalek) Masterplan...


We've been keeping this quiet whilst Nick (Scovell) arranged all the necessary permissions, and now we can announce that there is going to be a follow up to the highly successful and critically acclaimed stage play'Evil of the Daleks'. It will be duringOctober 2007 again in Portsmouth.

We are pleased as punch here at 'Devious Towers' and we'll be able to follow the build up rather like we did for 'Evil'.


Evil of the Daleks - Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal last night! Excellent. Brilliant. Had a tear or two in the eye when the daleks first came on. Don't mind admitting that. Hopefully you will too when you see it!

More words than this I cannot add at the moment I am so tired after getting home at midnight all this week! And even on the last night I'll be coming home on the last Brighton train (10.19 depart) and trudging home - but I suspect less of a trudge more of a triumphant march...


The JNT Legacy

Stephen from the Devious Team is going to be putting a few words on this site soon regarding the John Nathan Turner Legacy.

When JNT died Gary Downie preserved his collection of Dr Who material and when Gary in turn died earlier this year the material was left in its entirety to Stephen Cranford.

Stephen has written briefly about this connection and how he arranged for the material to be passed on to the Restoration Team / BBC. There will be afeature soonin a future Doctor Who Monthly and Stephen has submitted a few words to add to this account.


episode viewing

Tonight we (five of us from the Team) are watching for the first time a newedit of the second half of the story. David has been furiously editing ready for this showing which will culminate in a timecoded version on dvd being created so that we can comment on what needs to be trimmed out. At present these editsare really sequences and will need further editing and trimming. Nevertheless we're all terribly excited about seeing Devious again now all the dalek segmentshave been inserted.


link to us

If you want to link to the Devious site from your own site then we have finally got* round to creating a banner! We'll doubtless come up with some more designs and sizes in due course but don't hold your horses - it's taken us years on the web to get this far...

* - and yes it's 'gotten' for you guys over there in the USA...


Props and Comics

Not a great deal to report - just loads of prop building for the Evil of the Daleks play at the moment - as as you can see from the Evil news item also dated today - there's not a lot we can say at the moment, so please bear with us. To compensatewe'veput up a Comic Relief retrospective for the Devious site - mind you we will add to it as (a) our memory returns, or (b) someone contacts us on "say hello" and suggests something we ought to mention...



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