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link to us

If you want to link to the Devious site from your own site then we have finally got* round to creating a banner! We'll doubtless come up with some more designs and sizes in due course but don't hold your horses - it's taken us years on the web to get this far...

* - and yes it's 'gotten' for you guys over there in the USA...


Props and Comics

Not a great deal to report - just loads of prop building for the Evil of the Daleks play at the moment - as as you can see from the Evil news item also dated today - there's not a lot we can say at the moment, so please bear with us. To compensatewe'veput up a Comic Relief retrospective for the Devious site - mind you we will add to it as (a) our memory returns, or (b) someone contacts us on "say hello" and suggests something we ought to mention...


World Cup Waffle

So all you peeps out there are watching the World Cup now instead of Doctor Who. Even you chaps in the USA where winning the world cup is as likely as David Hasselhoff being the next Doctor Who. Having said that his name did crop up in our suggestions people have been giving us for a future Doctor, so it's not as daft as you think! After all he's big in Germany musically... Seriously though - good luck USA! Actually good luck Ghana too (Ashley spent some time there a few years back and loves the place and people). So to be fair - GOOD LUCK EVERYONE. How impartial can you get!


waffle and clips

A few clips added in the, er, 'clips' section which is actually currently within the 'imagery' section. Try here. Meanwhile more work is ongoing on the new dalek bases for the Evil of the Daleks play this October. And David is still editing. So apart from that it's really quite a sparse news day. not even worth putting up I suppose... Mind you here's a few pics from those clips... Please bear in mind that they're only there for a short time as David isn't particularly keen on the site showing clips of material in such an unfinished state.


Evil of the Daleks photocall

Brief item: Ashley popped down to meet the full team behind the Evil of the Daleks for a photocall and chat at a hidden location near Havant near Portsmouth. The evening meant cast and backstage people could meet - and try out the dalek voicebox moogerfooger!!! Well, Ashley tried it but clammed up as he didn't like an audience apparently - fine for someone puportedly doing some of the dalek voices for Devious!


voting - the first 1000

Just to say thanks for voting all of you in our "who's your favourite Doctor" poll. Just a bit of fun as we said, and it seems that Messrs Baker (Tom),Pertwee, Troughton came out on top along with Mr Tennant!

William Hartnell
34 votes = 3%

Patrick Troughton
173 votes = 17%

Jon Pertwee
215 votes = 21%

Tom Baker
166 votes = 16%

Peter Davison
31 votes = 3%

Colin Baker
32 votes = 3%


K9 and [Devious?] Co

Just in time for the K9 episode (School Reunion) on BBC1 this Saturday (7.20pm) here's some rumouring and pure speculation from the chaps at Devious... It seems there has been a slight disagreement on a new section of filming for 2006. As you may know Devious decisions are made by the trio and things go ahead only upon unanimous agreement. However it seems that two of the trio are actively planning a short cameo scene featuring K9, Rose and the Tenth Doctor.


evil of the daleks trailer too popular! (updated)

the trailer for the forthcoming Evil of the Daleks play has proved so popular it has temporarily brought down the Evil website (in the meantime a copy of it can be downloaded from here). Rest assured it will be back again as soon as possible. And on the set-building front, Ashley spent yesterday on the new dalek bases - the mould for the new castings has been started and is half-finished already. We'll have some pics of that as soon as...



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