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Nearly There and Polly Pic - updated

Not wishing to jinx things, but things are looking positive for our "sister production" "The Never Was". Well, we say sister - more like a wayward cousin.

As far as we know the edits are all done and the effects are nearly complete. And there is a rumour of a release by the end of the year.

We stress this is a RUMOUR. And the end of the year is like ONE WEEK AWAY! Stranger things have happened...

[UPDATE - 30 Dec 2013 - we now hear it is to be early January!)


Great 50 and Red Dalek Question

Just a quickie... Ashley's son Adam was watching "The Day of the Doctor" recently and noticed the following Supreme Dalek in the Black Archive as shown above...


and we were wondering how it got there - presumably there were more than the one blown up back in Tennant's day... Feel free to contact us with your theories!

Anyway - really enjoyed the 50th celebrations in our various viewing locations. Stephen even had the job of introducing The Day of the Doctor to a room of 4000 up at the Excel celebration event. No pressure then! 


the Emperor's new clothes

Well, as you may know, we've used the Emperor Dalek a number of times, notably for the stage play by "Our Friends in the West".

Now we also have a model version - to one-fifth scale which was built by Ashley from this parish back in 1989. It may well have been part of the trigger as to why we started filming Devious in the first place. We wanted to make some model daleks to go around it, and then we thought we could make a film too, and the rest just happened.


Blake's Legend viewing

Blimey - we forgot to write up about this one...

About the same time as we heard about Mark Jones's "The Never Was" proposal we were given the chance to see the latest edit of "Blake's Legend" - the sister production to "Devious" in a way. We've shared actors and sets and crew so it was great after many years to see a final edit of the piece.


And good news for all of those of you who are fans of Blake's Seven - there is a edit of the first episode online now! This will get us moving at Devious to get things done.



Daleks on display

Last Thursday a contingent from "White Elephant" in Portsmouth came and borrowed some items of Devious sets and props for display at their establishment in Eastney. Formerly a market the place is now primarilya shop but with laudible aspirations. Every month they change their exhibits and try to promote local artists and talent. From August 9th for a month they have a sci-fi theme and are displaying a number of models and props from across the genre.


BBC South Today on 30 July includes youtube clip

Ashley spent the day down near Brockenhurst at the BBC marquee helping to construct a version of the TARDIS and console room. Apparently there's more to do, so we'll only add one or two pics for now. So with luck you'll be able to see the Devious console room (and a couple of daleks the BBC tent at The New Forest Show from next Tuesday 30th July to Thursday 1st of August.


Out and About and a Thank You

With luck next week we'll be able to tell you where the TARDIS console and some daleks will be on display in the South of England for a few days. We're hoping that the display will be similar to that shown at the Brighton Centre back in February this year.  We'll upload some pics of the construction and setup next week all being well.

Then of course the set has to return back to base ready for its use by Mark Jones and his cohorts for their Never Was project. So this weekend there's a wee bit of cleaning and brushing to be donw to make sure all is ship-shape!



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