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We said there'd be more news on something rather interesting... A voice you may have heard somewhere... Rest assured we'll have a feature on this in the next week or so... Sorry for the delay...

Here's a totally unrelated picture (above) to keep you going until then...



coming soon ...

Those of you who've worked things out bear with us whilst we wait for the rest of you to catch up. We'll have some news, pics and an insight into something rather special in the not too distant future.


Location location location?

For all the best filming you need a location. Well researched and available. So who do you get to choose this ideal spot? Well, none other than our own Stephen Cranford, it seems! Yes, Stephen from the team has been busy (as always) and was recently involved in filming one of the 'extras' for the recent 'Two Doctors' DVD release...



We're still at it - ooh err

ooh err! Yes - we're still going! Just because the website's a bit quiet it doesn't mean nothing's happening! Ashley is still set-building - having the task of building both in 5th-scale and full-scalefor the main control room. A full summer including a 3 week trip to West Africa (for work) has meant that filming is intended now to be mid to late October rather than September to allow for family commitments as well as theset construction to be completed in time.


pottering around

For those of you who like to know we're still busy - well we are. It's all in the preparation, and with that in mind there's been set construction, prop mending and editing over the past few weeks. The church-crypt Tardis external door frame and door are half-finished now (think "Warriors Gate" for the look) and it's been driving Ashley half-mental (the final half). The hand-held dalek gun used by someone in the film has finally been mended (it had an annoying habit of falling apart only during a take) and is now a fearsome lump of plastic, metal, wire, fake circuitry etc etc (i.e.


May 2003 filming a success !

Well - we did it! Our little two minute scene with our guest stars was completed on the day as planned. The scene featured Tony as the Doctor in a scene from the last episode. Here's a shot from the Saturday just after we had test-lit the podium part of the set. Here we see Tony out of costume (for once). We've only lit part of the walls and the room wasn't lit, so he does appear a little dark, but we just wanted to gauge the effect.



May 2003 filming preparations

Well, we're nearly at filming time again! This last weekend was spent in minor set construction and costume preparation. Stephen and Ashley are building a raised underlit podium for the Doctor to stand on which should be ready for this Saturday. The usual precision techniques were in evidence - the use of screws were eschewed in favour of the stout nail or five. Yes - 'Bodgit and Scarper Builders Inc.' were on scene again up to their usual tricks. Still - it'll look okay on camera - we hope!



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