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On TV - Devious v McCoy v Eccleston

This is also noted in the news section for 2005 - however for completeness we are including this little bit here! In 2005 in time to coincide with the Ninth Doctor episode "Dalek" our local TV station decided to feature Devious in a short segment. Some of the people at BBC South had hoped to put together a longer piece about Devious - or something featuring fan films we think (we're not sure what they were planning and heard many rumours). To that effect they sent down a film unit with an interviewer of none other than Sylvester McCoy.



DALEKWORLD is the name we have given to the various times our sets and props have been on display at various places over the years. Well, we've only called it that for the past 5 years or so, but it gives us an excuse to lump all these events past present and future into one new place on the site!

We'll be adding to this section with pics from this year, as well as ones going right back to 2002!!!

Stage and Screen

On Screen

Devious were honoured to have supplied props and sets and attended the 1999 Comic Relief "Curse of Fatal Death" filming at Pinewood Studios. We also have the honour of having a version of our final scenes appear on an official BBC Dr Who DVD - The War Games...

Say Hello

Well, we couldn't revamp the site and leave out our favourite bit! This is where you can drop us a line and say hello and tell us about Devious, or Doctor Who in general, or the price of fish or whatever. We will report on the best on the site - and may well extend this feature in a social-media sort of way!

Bradley, Amber Lyn, The Doctor and Phillip

speak soon!

When Jon Pertwee came to tea

April 1995 saw the culmination of many months of frantic activity.

A week before and we had held our final run-through of the scene we were to film with Jon Pertwee - the legendary actor comedian and entertainer known for his many roles on stage screen and film. This great personality was to come down to Worthing in under a week and hopefully film a scene featuring a conversation with our own Doctor - local amateur actor Tony Garner.


too many Daleks?

Could you honestly say there are too many daleks in Devious? Or of any TV story? Parting of the Ways sees fleets of them in space whilst Planet of the Daleks is reputed to have the most props in the studio - although the season opener for 2012 will beat that number.


This section is intended to show some images and footage from our bouts of filming over the years. We have modelwork filming to complete - we've done a few tests in 2011/2012 but really need to complete this. A lot of this modelwork has been completed and some was on display this year (2012) at the Brighton ModelWorld show.

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