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Evil of the Daleks - the 1st Portsmouth charity stage play 2006


an evil youtube clip

Just a bit of fun really - whilst working through the old content for the latest site revamp the various stage play trailers were hard to find, and so here is a youtube clip from after the first stage play Evil of the Daleks. You can see the stage set with people milling around having been allowed up to take photos after the performance


Evil of the Daleks

The Doctor and Maxtible

"Devious" were both excited and honoured to help in this landmark production! This production managed a sell-out run with great reviews. Thanks to everyone down in Portsmouth for making the experience truly unforgettable - to see the audience reaction when the daleks and later the emperor appeared made the whole thing worthwhile!

Canopy Man


Dave Tozer holds up the canopy that protected the Black Daleks (green if you saw the play in colour) until their entrance in part two! He did actually spend the play from his special box overlooking the stage as he did have rather an important role to play, so unfortunately no-one was available to hold the canopy up during the performance. Maybe in future we'll see if we can get someone to do this...


Children In Need - thanks

Hi there everyone. Thanks to everyone at BBC South and the Spinnaker Tower for making us so welcome last Friday! Rob and Ashley took the gold dalek down to the Spinnaker Tower for the Children In Need event. We had a great time, although it got off to a dodgy start when Ashley was delayed by an hour in arriving due to Network Rail. Immense thanks to First Great Western for cancelling their Cardiff train - apparently a stray leaf had landed on a line. Or something.


emperor - 1

...was a challenge! Devious already had an emperor dalek but not the full height. Due to our filming location we couldn't fit in the full height. And besides the Devious emperor was made with hardboard as the panels which Ashley felt would be too flimsy for the explosions. And so the straps and balls etc were stripped from the shell and loads of wood was thrown away.


emperor - 2


As you can see above, the new head was built using a strip of hardboard bent round ywo discs of plywood. These had holes in of course, and after all was set the head had slots added to allow the internal light to shine through the vanes.



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