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Evil of the Daleks - the 1st Portsmouth charity stage play 2006


copy please?

If any of you want a hi-res (5 megapixel) version of the "me with a dalek" picture in this section then please contact us via the "say hello" part of the site and say what the picture filename is - it is usually of the form evilmewith9999.jpg where 9999 represents the particular picture number. We'd be happy to send you the image via email.


dalek postscript

well, they performed ok didn't they! One or two little hiccups but then we were expecting something.

the design changes

As for the design of the daleks, Ashley, Nick and Rob felt that we needed to make changes to reflect the 3 main influences for this play.


daleks - 1

Firstly here's two silver daleks with skirt balls painted but the near one needs slats and mesh...In fact this near one ended up as a black dalek emperor guard - ie had a dark green dome. You can tell as the middle had a little stub at the front of the lower middle shoulder band (the silver ones had no such stub - and of course the supreme gold dalek had an enlarged stub the reflect the shield double slat).





the Martin Johnson score

a word from Martin Johnson - Composer:
'Evil of the Daleks - The Stage Play'

Hi all,

Well what can I say!


I really did have a fantastic week. This last year has been a challenge, a learning experience and during the last week one of the most exciting things I have ever been involved with. I'm a huge Dr Who fan anyway and the Daleks even more so. Being involved with the production will stay with me forever and I hope I'll be involved again in a later production if they want me to return to compose the music.


sets and props

Full details of the build of the new daleks, including the Emperor, as well as some information on the set. Sorry we had to hide pictures of these over the summer but a decision had been made to keep "the look" of the daleks a secret. Just part of the fun - nothing sinister! It all added to the suspense.


me with a dalek!


People queued after each performance to get their photo with a dalek (or several) afterwards, providing they dropped some coins etc into a bucket collecting for donation to Children In Need. On some occasions we asked people if they wanted their picture to appear on the website afterwards. So for the few people that we asked and were happy for this look out soon for your pictures on these pages...



Loads of images from both on stage and behind the scenes - coming soon!

We will explain the vital role that Jonathan - pictured here in the bar - played each night. Can you guess?????

Well, you guessed it - he was THE EMPEROR !!!!!

A totally thankless task. He saw absolutely nothing, but made the prop truly come alive. Well done!

On the left menu and below you'll see a menu (when we've finished adding the images) which will be a link for one page per photo.




Provenance of the Daleks

from the "Evil of the Daleks" Programme...

Nick Scovell joins an impressive list of actors who have played the Doctor alongside the particular set of Daleks you will be witnessing on stage today. Jon Pertwee, Sylvester McCoy, Rowan Atkinson, the Grant brothers (Hugh and Richard E) and of course Tony Garner. Tony who? Well he?s the chap we of the ?Devious Team? used for our amateur movie ? a hobby-time labour of love started in the last century and now almost finished!


set report: the sunday before

(written by Ashley)

"Well, just got back at 11.30pm from an afternoon down in Portsmouth. Got there just before Nick Briggs had to go (lunchtime) so managed to grab a few words before it all kicks off. He'd been banking a recording of some of the voices for the play. Anyway despite being rather a fan thing I did ask for a quick signature on one of the daleks (inside!) and also on this display panel I have - but then Nick is a fellow dalek enthusiast."


dalek rehearsals

Well, some daleks were tried out at rehearsals last Friday (15th) and the session went reasonably well (from the point of view of the dalek build, that is)! The only hiccough was when it became clear that the plunger and gunstick needed a more solid fixing than had been fitted. Devious daleks only had to be operational for a few minutes at a time and so any imperfections were "lived with". However with these variants needing to be on stage for the length of the play it was felt by Ashley that different gunbox fittings need to be supplied.



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