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filming - photos and clips from the production


Modelwork filming

Well, with the announcement of "The Never Was" you can see we are doing some new filming this year. In addition we may be filming some shots of the daleks with greenscrenn backing in order to composit them into our modelwork.



This section is intended to show some images and footage from our bouts of filming over the years. We have modelwork filming to complete - we've done a few tests in 2011/2012 but really need to complete this. A lot of this modelwork has been completed and some was on display this year (2012) at the Brighton ModelWorld show.


Well, we have been doing some filming! Maybe this should be in the news section - perhaps we'll put it in when the hoo-ha over the war Games has died down a bit!



Well yes actually!

We've been doing some modelwork tests ready for when Ashley completes his marathon build task. Also earlier in the year we filmed a few small scenes with Tony against a green screen for some closeups we had missed. We're not sure whether these shots have to be repeated yet - we'll know when David inserts them into the revised edits he's doing this month (November 2008). We'll have to dig out some screen grabs as proof! But then, you want to hear that we've finished filming and are moving on...



Well, we'd like to!

We've some modelwork to complete and film and if the weather is good we need to mount some closeup scenes with the emperor (which may be easier outdoors due to the height of the prop and we don't need sound) - also we need to do some closeups of Tony as The Doctor which won't need much set maybe just a dalek or two.

Ashley still needs to complete the Emperor housing and the modelwork can be shot.



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