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filming - photos and clips from the production


last weekend of may 2004

Images from the second batch of May 2004 filming in the Dalek Control Room Set - these images initially appeared in the news section, although more images will appear here soon...

The first image shows a strange eye-view of some of the goings-on in episode six. Don't worry - not all the footage will have this colour and treatment added, but this particular bit fits the bill.


november 2002

Here's a few pics from our second time using the corridor sets.

This time we concentrated on the roles of Chaldar, Covellitor, Aturo and Auriga - the Doctor's filming in the corridor sets having been completed. We also constructed two small ante-rooms - the first being the embryo room where Aturo meets up with a production-line dalek (i.e. it has no gun, but a claw instead of a plunger) - and the second a storeroom where Covellitor and Chaldar (pictured below) investigate. Covellitor is looking forward at some equipment, whilst Chaldar is behind.


september 2002

There's a saying in the Devious team where we say we only do one day's filming a year. If that is so then we've finished for this year and you'll have to wait awhile for any new stuff. Well, to be fair that saying was based on our rather disastrous few years where we really did only the one day. As usual there were reasons, chiefly concerning the fact that we all have real lives and this is just a hobby.


Ralib's last stand

Brave Observer Ralib deflects the attention of a roaming dalek in the woods near the complex before it gets too near to the other members of the rescue party. This filming session was done within our "daleks in the woods" session up on the hills behind Worthing, Sussex. The series of frames shown here have a first attempt at an extermination beam, an effect realised by Chris from the team.


















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