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daleks in the community

Wednesday 16th February 2011

Two daleks were lent over an extended period to the school. Arranged by the Head of English the daleks were based in the library in a successful attempt to encourage reading not just in the worlds of science-fiction, although that was the initial purpose. Mr Darby went on to have some of the children featured on the BBC's Doctor Who website in their "Fear Factor" review section as well as appearing himself on BBC's South Today to explain the project to interviewer Sylvester McCoy.

More details and photos will be available soon.


All of Brighton's middle schools took part in this festival of dance at the Dome Theatre with each school having a themed dance. Imagine the (parents only) audience's reaction when one particular class got to dance to a science fiction medley featuring a menacing dalek, which promptly exterminated them. This one-off event by the dalek  was arranged because of the dedication and creativity of the school involved and Dalekworld were delighted to have been asked to help out. For images of this event you can go to the Brighton Evening Argus website and search on "dalek" !


This project started with a similar brief to the Patcham School - however with 3 daleks present at the school for a term and one prop in residence for nearly a year the school has taken the opportunity to develop the potential of the dalek as an aid to education. Creative writing, arts and crafts, drama workshops, mathematics and other activities all took place once the daleks were unveiled to the school in a surprise appearance at Assembly!

Some of the work produced by the children will be  a major focus of the DalekWorld 2011 display at Brighton ModelWorld as we believe that this is a very worthwhile use for the props!