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dalekworld 2011

Tuesday 15th February 2011

The easy answer should be Skaro. That's if you're "in the know" - i.e. one of the many Doctor Who fans out there in the world today.  Well in this case you'd be wrong - for Dalekworld is now the name for the various dalek-based activities started by some of the team behind the amateur Doctor Who movie "Devious". Whereas that project is ongoing (nearly completed in fact) Dalekworld is more recent.

The Devious Daleks have been involved in many things over the years and the idea behind Dalekworld is to ensure that these props are put to good use in the future to benefit the community. They will make occasional appearances at shows such as the Brighton ModelWorld Exhibition (they first appeared there in 2002, and returned in 2009 and 2010). More significantly they have been on extended visits to local schools and used in an educational context.

DalekWorld is the name we are using to encompass the community-based activities of these fan built dalek props.

  •  2001-2 - radio-controlled dalek built with Robot Wars Team Big Brother and exhibited at Brighton Modelworld 2002
  • 2004 - 2 daleks lent to a Brighton school for a couple of years to aid in literacy project - featured in South Today on BBC1 South with the teacher organiser interviewed by Sylvester McCoy
  • 2009 - a Brighton-wide schools dance project in 2009 with a performance at the Dome Theatre
  • 2009 - 2 daleks plus Emperor replica lent to Alex Scutt's prizewinning charity float (for Sussex Autism charity)
  • 2010 - dalek props on display at "Strange New Worlds" 1 day sci-fi event in Worthing
  • 2009-10 - 3 daleks lent to a Worthing School to assist in a variety of educational projects; literature, creative writing, art and crafts, mathematics 


Some of the fruits of the most recent activity listed above will be on display at the DalekWorld 2011 exhibit at Brighton ModelWorld and on occasion some of the teaching staff will be available to discuss the work that has been achieved and the plans for the future.

We must also stress that none of this is being done for money / profit and we also fully respect the copyright holders of the BBC and Terry Nation. In the spirit of Terry Nation's ideals we always ensure the daleks ere shown in character. We try to ensure that when they are being operated they are only opened for entry/exit out of the public view and we always watch for the little kids to ensure that if they look frightened we will retreat!

When we show the models and full-sized fan-built props at shows we also make people very aware that they are replicas and not the originals and always point people to where they can buy "the real thing" where it be dvds, models, replicas etc.