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Devious on facebook

Wednesday 26th August 2009

Now we know little of these sorts of thing as you all know, as indeed we know little about anything. We find that approach works best. Anyway, Ashley has seen fit to create a group on for the sheer hell of it. Not sure what will happen as a result really but here goes. It seems to work for other groups out there and it can't do any harm.

Devious always has been primarily been a social thing anyway, and so facebook is an obvious place for us to make a little home. The main website here will of course continue and be the main place for latest news and features about this project, whilst the more social side of things may well develop on the facebook area.

The group is at

Now Ashley nearly didn't bother creating this group since he had just gone over to the DWM forum and read a whole lot of disparaging comments about the War Games clip and Devious generally which put him off. But then Stephen and others talked him around and reminded him of what they do in similar situations - ignore it. Indeed Stephen as a radio and sometime TV presenter has had his fair share of comment including online and not all of it is positive. To be true to what you do in any kind of artistic area you need to rise above most of the criticism. Read too many reviews and you don't want to get out of bed in the morning. We remember not wanting to read the reviews of the Evil of the Daleks and Masterplan plays in the local press - and yet they were very positive. And of course we've been reviewed by the DWM itself (with mixed reaction) and had a lovely letter of support in the current issue.

So what do you do with reviews and comment? Well if your work is out there for people to buy then of course they will make comment on it. A difficulty for us is that we have always said we are an amateur fan film and to have a segment put onto a professional DVD as an extra has added extra pressure and extra focus on us. Comments on the technical quality or the acting etc we have to bear but then we do have the proviso that the footage is largely 15 years old or thereabouts and that any other effects or later stitching has been done perhaps a bit quickly in order to achieve a finished clip. The keen eyed amongst you will have noticed the lack of daleks in the War Games clip - we were told late on that we couldn't include them due to budget constraints for the DVD (which is understandable) and so we had to build a slightly different explanation for the Interim Doctor without showing them. That's like doing a trailer for any Dr Who dalek story without including a dalek. Even in shadow! Tricky. So we hope what you did get to see managed to work in some way or other - when we get a chance we'd like to show you the explanatory sequence WITH daleks in - it would have looked entirely different and much more effective we think.

Still, those of you that saw the Evil and Masterplan plays would have seen our daleks there (along with Stuart's wonderful creation too) and seen the measure of our props properly. To that end we're also including some images from the plays on our facebook site. We also want to use it to promote other fan films so if you have any connections to any then please join our group and let us know!

So if you've been popping along to the Devious site for a while, or are a new visitor then please pop over to our facebook group and say a "hello" to us - we'd love to hear from you and make contact. We are calling the group "Devious - fan film" at the moment although it could change to help in searching.