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more ancient images added to archive

Friday 14th August 2009

We've started to go through Arthur's excellent archive and we'll be putting up new images to the "pics" section regularly - a new batch tonight for you. These incredibly sharp shots (scaled down for the web unfortunately) are simply amazing to us. We had no idea they existed and so they are doubly interesting for us. We can't believe how young we all looked! Some of us had hair even!

of course the plot of Devious involves a time-weapon which means that the cast are supposed to age as the film progresses - however at the time we did not expect to be filming so many years later. As has been said repeatedly on the site of course! - but then the project had been forgotten about almost many times and only the fact that we had so much done meant that now and again we thought we owed it to ourselves to try to get it finished. And then after frenzied activity we all went off and built houses, had children, got married, divorced etc etc. And so the process repeats...!

to see the new shots, go to the "pics" section under "Imberhorne in Colour - part 2"