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Moving Dalek Footage on Website

Tuesday 1st October 2002

Well - not a lot but a bit of fun really. David from the team had found an unused remnant from the test edits and has converted it to be web-ready and we've stuck it on the site! Now it's 1.9MB and will take time to load so don't get your hopes up but we thought 'why not' and so here it is. You'll see a couple of the blighters trundling down the corridor set - and that's it. No effects no nuffink. So be warned if you have a slow connection - you'll need to save target as. In time of course we'll put some more interesting clips on the site but for now it's furthe rproof that we haven't dies off or have given up on the project - yet! Give it a few days mind...!!!!

See the 'filming' part of the site for this particular gem!