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Tuesday 6th September 2005

a totally unrelated image showing an extract from the regeneration
Whilst not a lot is happening this week in the world of Devious (the team meet again later this week hopefully to refine how we're going to do the effects on 'the beach scene' - the ship is now to be a lightwave model we think which Ashley will struggle with!), we'd like to say you may now be able to see a different page design when you PRINT-PREVIEW or PRINT any pages from this site. Of course you must be fond of waffle if ever you do wish to print any pages out, or maybe you're pinning pictures from the production on your bedroom wall and lighting candles around an image of one of our cast. If you are then let us know, and we can put you in touch with some counselling.

You will have to be aware that the site displays as part of a frames page (not our choice but part of our current hosting arrangements) so you may wish to print the pages as ONLY THE SELECTED FRAME or ALL FRAMES INDIVIDUALLY but NOT the AS LAID OUT ON SCREEN setting in the print preview. Hope this helps...